About The Civil Liberties Blog

In December this year, I will be working on forms of accountability mechanisms around the world; looking to see how the civil society has tried to strengthen democracy by broadening their role in governance to include not just electing their own governments, but to ensure a systematic arrangement of holding such government continually accountable for its actions. One of the major components of this right would be the public’s ‘Right to Know’.

Traditional notions of Civil Liberties tend to stem from an understanding of liberties as ‘primal’, inalienable rights that grant them the security of a ‘free society’. Through this space, I put forth my vehemence in arguing on fundamentally newer forms of liberties that the society is demanding.  The instruments of enforcing those liberties are likewise new and creative products of a civic conscience coupled with a seldom left out need to survive.


Gautam Swarup


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